Our Process

There is no ambiguity in the product we deliver. Unlike many of today’s public affairs campaigns, our process is rooted in clear and honest expectations. We develop measurable goals, assess them frequently and evolve as necessary.

Our projects are vastly unique, but they begin and end the same.

Project Audit

  • Previous challenges, current strengths and weaknesses.
  • Current and anticipated assets – people, time and money.
  • Communications capacity.
  • Media coverage to-date.
  • Regulatory or legislative processes, timelines and primary points of engagement.
  • Location, necessity, opinion and strength of stakeholders, thought leaders, decision-makers, civic and allied organizations, etc.
  • Necessary issue research.


  • Meet and collaborate with project advisors, consultants and leaders to develop a seamlessly integrated plan that leverages collective expertise and relationships.


  • Develop a written, comprehensive strategic plan that defines campaign goals
    and outlines – to the extent required for each individual project – underlying
    message and narrative.
  • Develop communication strategy and targets.
  • Determine schedule, vision and budget for production, coordination and
    delivery of public facing collaterals and other assets, including digital, web,
    print, etc.
  • Detail key touch points, benchmarks and review.


  • Ongoing evaluation against timeline, tactical and strategic benchmarks.
  • Regular reporting to client and team.
  • Adapt as necessary.