Our Work

At Adeo, we build and execute integrated communication strategies that connect clients and their target audiences to impact business, legislative and regulatory outcomes. We are trusted advisors and members of the team – developing communication and advocacy programs that engage consumers, leverage stakeholders, build coalitions . . . and win.

We craft and deliver compelling content through various media and voices. We foster meaningful, organic and targeted connections to unique audiences and decision-makers. And we make it possible for our clients to impact public policy, build and protect their brand and develop and promote leadership.


We educate audiences on issues that affect their lives and engage them to deliver honest and meaningful communication that matters to decision-makers.


We are storytellers. Our campaigns are rooted in narratives that resonate and delivered with compelling content and design via traditional, online and other hybrid channels.


We provide individualized, holistic leadership development programs for emerging women leaders and executives. Our work merges academic research with tools and strategies for identifying and overcoming gender bias in society and the workplace as well as lifestyle practices used consistently by today’s most successful leaders.


Today’s crowded communications landscape makes strategic brand positioning necessary to emerge as a key player in your space. Adeo helps craft and communicate an individual voice that embodies your strength and ability as a distinctive leader.